Popular Shelving & Racking types For Your Warehouse

Where Do I Start?

Your business is important to you. With its rapidly growing sales, it’s becoming hard to keep up with the demand because of limited space. Eventually, it will be time to upgrade to a larger facility that can store more of your products so you can properly supply your customers. The idea of moving to a large facility is an exciting and scary prospect, and you want to make the most out of your decision by utilizing as much of the space as possible. To use your new space most effectively would require you to store products vertically towards the ceiling as well as horizontally along the floor. This is where you should consider having some professional pallet racking systems installed if your product is contained in pallets.

Choosing a Racking System

There are different types of professional pallet racking systems and each offer their own advantages to consider. Steel shelving is the most popular system because of its relatively inexpensive price and abundance of parts. Rivet shelving is very popular for the same reason, but is also considered a top tier choice because of its ease of installation. Wire shelving is great because it allows air to circulate if your product requires it and can also make cleaning up the rack a simple process.
Bulk Rack shelving, although not ideal for pallets, is great for hand stacked items like small boxes and other goods. Because of Bulk Rack shelving’s design, it’s very easy to assemble and disassemble. One of the last shelf types gaining popularity is Clipless shelving. Clipless shelves, designed with steel and particle board offer a 500 to 700 load capacity, which is impressive given its design. Each racking system is designed for various functions and it’s important to understand which racking system will fit into the flow of your business.


The Bottom Line


There are many different professional pallet racking systems, but these are currently the most popular. It is important to consider all the factors for your growing business and which shelving type best serves your needs. The price of these racks is important but so is the safety of yourself, your employees, and your product. Depending on your product, one racking system may not be the most effective choice, despite its price point. Make sure to do your own independent research on the limits of any shelving type you choose to ensure your businesses’s success.
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