Glass Protection & Coating

Glass is a beautiful and dynamic material used in many parts of our home. While panels today are toughened and made to withstand extreme tests, the surface is sensitive and can if untreated cause more damage than good in the long run. At MCS Protection, we specialise in providing simple solution by applying our revolutionary non stick coating and stop your glass from degrading it’s quality features. This glass surface protection repels residues, water and oil not visible to the human eye and will in the long run stop the surface from stains and corrosion.

One simple application of our glass coating will:

  • Reduce your cleaning time by 95%
  • Protect your glass against water stains, oil, grime, dirt, corrosion and more
  • Protect against UV
  • Result in less cleaning and thus do en environment good

Glass Pool Fencing – Coating and Anti Corrosion

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard you are certainly aware how easily dirt, marks from balls and chlorine quickly gets attached to your panels. While toughened glass for fencing purposes are extremely strong, they are not invisible to dirt and other particles that may overtime deteriorate the quality of the glass. To avoid glass to corrode, it is vital to use a quality glass corrosion protection that will maintain your panels years to come. Our glass protection will stop corrosion, eliminate dirt and fingerprints, repel water and make your glass look cleaner, healthier and just as beautiful as when they were installed.

Screen Protection – If you like a clean shower glass

Stop searching for how to clean shower glass, the solution is right here. Shower screens in our bathrooms are constantly exposed to soap, scum and other chemicals found in hair and body products. These chemicals’ including bacteria in the water gets attached to the glass shower screen and foggy patches and dirt will start to appear. If you have glass screens in your shower you probably will know exactly what we are talking about. Part from the benefits mentioned above, our glass coating will repel any water or dirt of your panels, leaving you with clear visibility, all day, every day. After our glass surface application, all you need to do to maintain your shower glass is from time to time wipe it off with a soft micro fiber cloth. No more searching how to clean your glass for your shower or use of harmful chemicals.

Clean Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrade is a contemporary option to the more traditional timber or steel balustrade. We enjoy the benefit of looking straight through and open up our home with this full visibility fencing option. You most likely agree with us when we say only when the glass is clean it looks good. While glass balustrade add great benefits, the feel and look is quickly compromised when heavy fingermarks and fat and oil from our prints get stuck to the surface. Minimising cleaning time means doing more of what we enjoy and spend less time cleaning. Our Surface protection of glass balustrade does exactly that. With a simply coating you we reduce cleaning time by 95% and stop fingerprints and other oily surfaces to appear.

How to clean your splash back

Kitchen splash backs and adds that luxury feeling to our kitchens. It has quickly become an expectation in the modern kitchen and it is not hard to wonder why. It’s aesthetic look does not go unnoticed and it has become a favorite decal in the kitchen. On the negative, splash backs need constant cleaning to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen and to remove visible dirt. If you have tried to use window cleaning you have probably realised it may leave marks and create streaks once dry. By applying your splash backs with our glass coating you will make sure dirt never get stuck and will be easily wiped off. Having the ability to remove dirt conveniently, you can rest assure you working in a clean environment away from bacteria and dirt.



Our protective coating works equally good for:

  • Glass Shower Screen
  • Glass pool Fencing
  • Glass balustrade
  • Windscreens including windscreens for cars (read more here)
  • Ceramics & Porcelain
  • Windows

After one simple application of your cutting edge surface protection you will never need to scrub your glass in order to get it clean. Simply use a soft microfiber cloth and wipe down your windows in order to maintain the cleanliness.