Glass Restoration

The feel and look of your glass surface can quickly deteriorate over time. As changes often happen slowly, we keep forgetting how beautiful our shower glass, pool fence or balustrade once looked. Think of the underlying factor why you decided to have glass screen in your bathroom or around your pool, we assume because of the visibility benefits it offers. While the benefits are many, uncoated surfaces will quickly deteriorate. At MCS Melbourne we help restore glass in order to bring it back to how it once looked like. Our market leading glass restorations follow the highest standard on the market and will make sure balustrade, shower screen or splash back look new again.

Our Melbourne clients often make the mistake by looking at replacing the existing glass instead of restoring and reviving what they have already paid for. Our revolutionary products and expertise is a cost effective solution for restoring your glass. Our most common clients contact us regarding the following issues:


  • Removal of hard water stains that creates ‘foggy’ patches
  • Remove corrosion from glass including deeply corroded glass
  • Remove and restore scratches completely
  • Glass oxidation due to contact with metal
  • Removal of mineral deposits
  • Etching removal cased by chemical damage
  • Restore from calcium stains


Scratch Removal – Let us remove your scratches

One of the most annoying aspects of glass windows are scratches to the surface. Scratches often happens due to object thrown at the surface, during installation or because faulty cleaning methods. If your glass is uncoated, scratches are much more likely to happen. At MCS Melbourne it is not a question about how to, but rather we do remove scratches from glass, effectively and efficiently. Our scratch removal team are highly qualified and has removed and restored glass for many years. Part from restoring your panel to it’s aesthetic look, we can also apply a coating which will stop your surface to acquire similar damages in the future.


Stained Glass

Whether we like it or not, stains will start to appear on glass after some time. The degree and severity depends on range of factors such as quality of glass, if you have surface protection and glass coating. If you use shower screens made out of glass you are aware how easily they can start to fog up, we call that hard water stains. Using our products, we first eliminate all chemicals attached to your glass and thereafter apply our award winning glass coating that will completely repel water, chemicals and dirt in the future. Your glass will never, ever look like it once did.


Glass corrosion

While glass is more resistant to corrosion than other materials, they do corrode and if not treated quickly and professionally, they will break down. There are several reasons why your glass may start to corrode but the main reason is hydrofluoric acid. Our panels today, whether they are used as shower screens or as glass pool fencing, they are constantly in contact with unwanted chemicals inclusive acid and alkaline solutions. Corrosion can be repaired and prevented in the future depending on how bad affected the glass is. If you suspect glass corrosion and are aware you do not have our coating, we suggest you to contact us today for our guidance.



Why should I restore?

The benefits of glass restoration as opposed to repurchase new panels are many, both in terms of cost and time. All our products and the way we work remain environmentally friendly. Caring for the environment we live in is an important goal for us. Restoring glass for us is not a short term solution, we also prevent similar problems from happening in the future.