Grout Sealer & Tile Sealer

MCS Protection Melbourne has over 20 years experience in cleaning, protecting and removing grout. The sealing between the tiles attract algae and moisture and do become stained over time. The best way to keep the grout sealing clean is by frequently use a special cleaning tool and make sure your tiles are well looked after. If despite the cleaning effort the grout still looks old and stained, it needs to be deep cleaned or replaced. We are your professional tile and grout cleaner in Melbourne and not do we only remove and replace the old grout, we make sure the surface is protected so that cleaning will be less complicated in the future. We only use the best tools and techniques in order not to scratch your tiles while cleaning your interior and exterior.



Where normal cleaning no longer can remove the stains on the grout between your tiles, it is time to re grout those areas. It is a process where the old grout is scraped off by utilising a manual or electronic grout removal tool depending on the size of the area. Common areas are showers where algae and moisture has stained the grout and also areas around your home that has been stepped on for years. Re grouting requires a professional as wrongful action may damage the tile, cause water leaks and may in the long run cause efflorescence to spread and build up.


The following scenarios may be an indication that the grout needs to be replaced:


  • There is a water leak between the tiles in your shower
  • The grout between the tiles has obvious cracks
  • The balcony is leaking water through the tiles
  • Stains on the grout that you can’t remove
  • Patches of missing grout
  • You want to give your home a new look by changing the colour of the grout

Re grouting can be done to all areas of your home where you have tiles. Most commonly these are showers, bathrooms, kitchen floors, areas in your home surrounding a swimming pool including all wall areas.
Normally speaking, change the grout is a very labour intensive but due to our working method, we guarantee to finish the job in a timely manner. Although it depends on case-to-case basis, customers need to remember that areas that we work on cannot be used for up to 24 hours after a job is completed. This is to ensure areas are completely dry and that the grout has fully sealed before exposed to water and dirt again.



Tile and Grout Cleaning

A major aspect of maintaining the quality of your tiles and avoid discoloration of your grout is to once or twice a year do a deep cleaning. Grout that has not been deep cleaned will shortly start to attract bacteria and shift colour and will be impossible to clean unless it is replaced. Areas in your home that has tiles, are some of the most visible areas, and if untreated will add a negative view in visitors eyes.

MCS Melbourne we do not take any shortcuts when it comes to tile and grout cleaning in your home. We spot clean heavily stained areas, apply suitable surface protection chemicals and carefully inspect the whole areas for inconsistencies. Our goal is to offer full restoration of your home and leave you with a bright and shiny tile area.

If you are curious about what products and machinery we use to clean your tile and grout, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explain this to you.


Grout And Tile Protection

At MCS Protection we specialise in grout, tile and porcelain protection along with restoration to bring back the colour and shape it once had. Algae and moist can easily get stuck in the grout between tiles and in the porcelain. These fragile material and sealing require professional surface protection in order to expand the life expectancy and slow down the rate which its aged.

Our world leading surface protection for grout, tile and porcelain stops bacteria and germs to get built on your interior exterior. The material is extremely durable and wont peel of for years to come.


Time it takes

The time it takes for us to finish grout and tiles sealing, and cleaning job depends on the area we are working on. Grout removal, sealing and cleaning requires a lot of manual labour and thus exact time is impossible to say without knowing the space. We use effective removal tools that speeds the process and allow us to work more effectively than others.

If you need to replace the grout between your tiles, clean your tiles and grout or apply a protection, feel free to contact us and tell us a bit more. We are happy to contact you and explain all the details.